Happy 2017 everyone!!

As we, in the Atlanta area, prepare for our yearly snow scare, I thought I’d take some time to catch up with everyone.   I figure that you all are going to be trapped inside with your bread, milk and eggs anyway so why not catch up with me. icon wink Senior Portraits Planning Tip   When to Book Your Senior Session

Speaking of snow…how about these gorgeous images of Kendall & Natalie. ❤️❤️❤️

Atlanta Senior Pictures Portrait Photography Headshots Prom Grayson Gwinnett 0010 717x1024 Senior Portraits Planning Tip   When to Book Your Senior Session


Atlanta Senior Pictures Portrait Photography Headshots Prom Buckhead 0001 715x1024 Senior Portraits Planning Tip   When to Book Your Senior Session

This post really has nothing to do with the snow, but rather one of the questions that I get asked most frequently, besides What to Wear. That’s probably the number one topic.    *side note*  when you book with me, your “What to Wear” woes will be more than answered with your 60+ page What to Wear Guide!!

So that brings us back to the next most asked question…
”When is the best time to schedule my senior portraits?”
Really this depends on your favorite time of year. For me personally, I love Fall. Like obsessively love. This isn’t about my crazy fall obsession though.  It’s about your senior portraits, and for your images, what I love about fall is the flexibility that the cooler temps brings to your wardrobe options. Layers are a girl’s best friend when it comes to your senior portraits, because it gives you so much more variety. That flexibility also occurs starting in late winter or early spring months.

Think about how quickly late spring temps go from decent to “OMG when did it become so scorching around here?” Or in the middle of the summer when you don’t even want to leave the house for fear of melting to the pavement.   While warmer temps are great, they can be somewhat limiting when it comes to the overall enjoyment of your senior portraits.   I’m not saying, you shouldn’t schedule in the summer, but I do suggest for a more comfortable session, think about scheduling your senior portraits as early as late February.   Uh oh, I know what you’re thinking….that’s right around the corner, but that’s ok.  That’s why I bring this up now, so don’t panic.

Something I want Juniors to consider right now….if you prefer a spring session for your senior portraits, this coming spring is when you should book.  Trust me when I tell you that spring of your senior year, while technically isn’t too late, is an extraordinarily busy time for you as a high school senior.  I know it sounds crazy to even consider booking now for Class of 2018, but it truly is the time for you to start researching your photographer and book them when you find that perfect fit.  If fall is your favorite time, now is the time to start booking for fall as well. Fall is notorious for being the busiest, most sought after time of year for senior portraits, so those dates go very quickly.  The worst thing would be to find your perfect photographer and they don’t have any dates left because they were booked months in advance.

Having said all of this, I don’t want the Class of 2017 to think, “oh great, it’s too late for me to book my senior portrait experience.”    Everyone’s schedule is different, so if you haven’t scheduled your senior portraits yet, don’t panic.  I’ve had plenty of seniors need to book spring of their senior year or even after graduation because that was simply the only time schedules would allow.

Class of 2017 & Class of 2018 –  I really hope this helps!!!  And please don’t ever hesitate to contact me with questions!

Everyone please be safe this weekend and enjoy the snow!


Atlanta Senior Pictures Portrait Photography Headshots Prom Buckhead 0002 1024x715 Senior Portraits Planning Tip   When to Book Your Senior Session


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